Monday, 30 April 2012

Silent Auction

Matt curled with a few people from his work all last winter. He loved it.  Anyway, on Saturday night there was a year end curling banquet and they had a silent auction.  

I had just told Matt that we needed a new crockpot as we were outgrowing ours.  We only had a 4qt and definately needed a 6qt.  So when there was a programmable 6qt crockpot on display I got quite excited and started bidding.  

I started at $10 but of course it went up pretty fast.  When I went back it was already at $50 so I bid $55.  I went back to our table and looked it up on my phone and found that the store price was $119.00.  I was willing to pay up to $80 for it.  

When I went back later in the evening someone had out bit me by a dollar.  So it was now at $51.  I bid $55.  About 10 minutes later I noticed I had been outbid again by the same lady, Cathy who had bid $56.  The game was on.....

I noticed Cathy circling around the table.  I  bid $60 and as soon as I left she bid $61.  I went back and bid $65 and she bid $66.

I was getting tired of this lady so I decided to see how high she would go so I jumped up on my bid to$80.

Back at the table, I watched as she circled the table again and saw my bid of $80. She shook her head and moved on.  Success!!!!  I got myself a new crockpot for well under the asking price.  Yeah.

While all of this was going on Matt was doing his own silent auctioning and ended up winning a new golf shirt.  

The banquet was fun.  Delicious food including perogies and cabbage rolls.  Yum.....    The music was good and dancing was fun.  It was a good night had by all.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love our babysitter, Emily.  She is awesome.  So far in three years she has only not been able to babysit once.  The kids love her and always look forward to her coming over.  I love her and I love knowing that my kids are in such good hands while we our out.  

So I will update more later with pictures. But we had an awful day today.  Alyssa was trying to get into a box of juiceboxes with scizorrs and Lucas grabbed at them catching his finger inn the way.  The whole pad of his middle finger on his left   hand was snipped off.  We are talking about ALOT of blood and ALOT of crying and an emergency trip to the emergancy room.  It was awful and I am still trying to process it.  I will be back later tonight or tomorrow with all the details.  Right now he is doing alright. He is settled into his crib for a nap and I am heading up to my room to have a nap as well.  Matt just finished cleaning up all the blood and is now home for the day.  

Oh what a day.....

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