Wednesday, 23 May 2012

My Nice Finished Basement is No Longer Finished

Around 6:00pm the kids and I went downstairs to organize some toys.  As we step on the carpet though, I realize that something is not right.

I immediately go into the laundry room and discovered WATER and lots of it. 

I opened the door to where the sump pump is and BINGO I found the source of our problem.

At this point, I started freaking out a little bit.  Matt is away for work and how in the world am I going to clean this up by myself. 

 I ran upstairs and called Matt.  Thankfully, he was only in Calgary rather than Houston so he left immediately to come home.  I thrn called my friend/neighbor Laura.  Her phone was busy and I couldn't get through.  I sent Alyssa over to there house in her pj's to see if Mr. Treder could come help us out. 

Thankfully he was able and help he did.  He found that our sump pump had quit working.  He went back to his house and gathered his kids and then took off to Home Depot to buy us a new sump pump for us. 

While he was gone, I prayed.  I prayed that I would find peace in this situation.  That we would have grace with the insurance company.  That good would come out of this.  I just asked Jesus to come walk by my side and he did.  I felt in my spirit, complete peace and that this was just a little inconvience; to keep looking for him and all would be alright. 

When Nick got back, he started installing the sump pump while I started moving things around.  We discovered that the carpet was more damaged than we had originally thought so we started pulling it back and ended up removing the damaged underlay as well.

My nice, finished basement is unfortunately no longer finished.  But, that's okay.  This is an inconvience and that is inconvience.  We will get it figured out.  I am so thankful for good friends/neighbors, for house insurance that will cover the cost of this and that Matt was only in Calgary rather than Houston so he can come home.  I am finding alot of good in this situation and will keep looking to God to help me keep my positive attitude.

The one thing that I will be praying about though, is that my sister and her family come here in less than two weeks.  I can't imagine that our basement will be done by then and we really don't have the space to keep everyone upstairs so I'm not sure what we will do.  But I'm sure that that God will provide us with an answer and we will figure it all out.  I am choosing not to worry about tomorrow. 

Anyway, I should probably get back to the clean-up.  Matt should be home in about half an hour and we will continue on.  

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