Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Long Lost Posts

I was looking back at my old blog; the one I only wrote a few posts in and I didn't want those posts to be lost.  So here is a recap of what I wrote back in 2008.  Alyssa would have only been 16 months old at the time.


Monday, June 16, 2008


On Mother's Day I got the best gift ever. Alyssa and I were lying on the bed cuddling and playing when she leaned over and gave me a big open-mouthed kiss for the first time. It was so sweet and precious.

When Matt was gone to the UK for work, Alyssa was having a rough week. She had a bad cold and was also teething her bottom molars. I had done my best at keeping her occupied this one day.... but she was so grumpy. Finally it was bedtime and i have to admit that i was really, really looking forward to bedtime. I didn't have much patience left. On the way up the stairs to bed Alyssa was cuddling her blankie and I was whispering to her that it was time for bed and that Mommy loved her. With her little pudgie arms, she reached behind my head and pulls me closer to give me a big, slobbery kiss. It melted my heart. It was her way of saying "Mommy I love you and I'm sorry for my grumpiness." The next day her mood was the same but i found i had just a little more patience for my precious little girl.

On Father's Day Matt was playing on the floor with Alyssa. They were having lots of fun, playing, tickling and laughing. All of sudden she cuddles up to him and gives him a big hug and a kiss for the first time. Matt's heart melted. Later that night we were talking about Alyssa and how sweet she is when i realized that she chose Mother's Day to tell me how much she loved me in her own way and she chose Father's Day to show Matt how much she loved him. How did she know?

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Beginning of Summer

It's the beginning of summer (well almost) and Alyssa and I are having a great time. We have a great neighborhood with lots of little friends in our area. Its so nice to be able to walk down the street and find friends in the front yard or kids playing in the backyard. There is always someone to visit and somewhere for Alyssa to play in sand or swing on swings.
Everyday Alyssa bangs on the door with her shoes to go out and play in the back yard (which we still need to fence in this year). She loves getting sand from her sandbox and dumping it in piles all over the deck, chairs and in her water table. She occupies herself for hours doing the same thing over and over and over.
If we don't play in our backyard or another neighbors backyard we venture out to the playground, take walks or bike rides or just enjoy spending time with each other.
Every night ends with a bath because Alyssa is covered in sunscreen and sand. Its a great way to enjoy the summer days.

We Are Off to the Airport..... Again.

We are off to the airport to pick up Matt once again; and hopefully this is the last time for a while. It started in February when Matt was in Houston for two weeks but thankfully my sister-in-law and nephew came for a visit. Then in March he was back in Houston. April he went to Kamloops for the weekend. In May Alyssa and I went to PEI and Matt went to Houston. We were back for a week and Matt went to the UK for work. Thankfully today is the day we pick him up and hopefully we won't be back to the airport for a while. I think i will hold him hostage if he has to leave again anytime soon.

Our Visit to PEI

Well, now that we are back and rested from our trip to PEI i thought i would share some pictures. We had a great time. We went to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my brand new niece, Makenna who is absolutely adorable.
I am so happy that Alyssa and I took the journey across the provinces. It started out a bit bumpy with the plane ride. I gave Alyssa Gravol to help her sleep and I think that it ended up doing the opposite and making her HYPER. So the plane ride was crazy. And then we had four hours in Montreal. But we survived and thankfully the trip home was much more relaxed. But once we got to PEI and I woke up and saw the cute little face of Makenna it was all worth it. She is so beautiful. Shelby and Steve are really fitting into parenthood and it was so super neat to see my baby sister as a mommy. She is doing a wonderful job. Makenna is pretty easy going but still we sure had our hands full with a 16 month old and a 3 month old. Alyssa was pretty sweet with Makenna and would try and give her kisses and hugs. She would bring Aunty Shelby the soother when Makenna was crying. She needed to wrap her "baby" up and put her in the swing, bouncy chair, crib etc. She was quite the little mom.
The weather wasn't great but it all worked out as we were there to visit Shelby, Steve and Makenna rather than tour the island (we had already done most of the touristy stuff at Shelby and Steve's wedding in July 2006). So we had a few nice days were we walked along the ocean and played outside but for the most part we hung out at home, went swimming, visited with her in-laws, shopped, and walked Tucker.
I came home and missed them so much. I really wish we lived closer but we don't so we will make the best of it by talking on the phone (almost daily), emailing each other and viewing the kids on the webcam.

What Does First and Second Act Mean?

On Matt's side of the family, most of the immediate members, coincidentally ended up spelling a word from their initials. So there are some M.A.T's, B.A.T's, S.A.T etc. So when Matt and I got married he thought it was pretty funny that they were adding an A.C.T (Amber Chantel Thompson). He knew I fit right into the family because my initials now spelled something. So when I was pregnant and we were choosing a name he always needed to spell out the initials. When we chose Alyssa's name he thought it was perfect that he would have a first and second Act and i thought it was pretty funny that he would come up with something ingenious like that.
So here we are: The First and Second Act.

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