Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I didn't get an interview;
I was hired, late at night in a hospital room.

My bosses are small;
They hang off my shirt tails.

Wiping noses, tears, and bums
Are some of my duties.

Laundry and dishes are never ending.

I respond to mom, mommy and mama.

The hours are long and never-ending.
It's not unusual to have a late night call by one of my bosses.

Instead of my heart being in my chest;
It is now walking around in my children.

I cry easier, am weary and tired at times;
But the joy they bring is worth every moment.

The salary sucks, but the cuddles and hugs
are all the reward I need.

I am a teacher, a cook, a taxi driver, a nurse, a house cleaner,
a referee, an evangelist, a social coordinator.

I am a MOM.

Happy Mother's Day to all the other mom's that have the same job as me and who love it as much as I do.

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