Tuesday, 1 May 2012

All in a Beautiful Spring's Day

As most kids do, my kids love to be outside.  If Alyssa is outside Lucas bangs at the door until I give in and take him out. 

On Saturday, we spent a good portion of the day outside.

Alyssa found a bunch of ladybugs in our shurbs and was trying to show Lucas them. 

Lucas was trying to keep up with his big sister who was riding up and down the sidewalk on her bike.

The kids did some raking for me.....

Alyssa and her friends found a baby bunny.  The following two pictures Alyssa took with my camera.

And we played with chalk

This is what a mom looks like when she has a toddler who loves playing with chalk....

Yep, we had a great day outside and are looking forward to many beautiful days ahead.  

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