Friday, 6 July 2012

Sick, Sick, Sick

I love love love being at home with my littles except when I am sick.
Take yesterday, for example.....I wake up fevered, achy, with a stomach virus. Matt heads off to work and I am left home with two kids, one of whom is supposed to go to daycamp, and a date with the bathroom.....and no one to call in sick to.

These are the days that I wish my kids went to daycare so that I could have a restful day at home. Instead it is all about survival at our household.
Thanks to some great friends, I get Alyssa taken care of so she can still go to daycamp.
Which leaves me with my littest monkey. So like most parents do when they are in survival mode do, I turn on the tv to Treehouse.
Lucas is a pretty laidback little guy so the tv entertains him for a bit, but on one of my bathroom trips he got a bit hungry so he went into the pantry and helped a bag of 9 am....but, I am on survival mode so I just let him eat away.
As I lay on the couch, wrapped in two big blankets ro combat the chills, my little monkey thinks that cuddling mommy looks pretty good. So up he comes to cuddle. Except today he is not in a sit still kind of mood so cuddles consist of him climbing back and forth over me again and again. Oh my poor tummy....
On my next bathroom visit I come out to find that Lucas has helped himself to some crackers but this time he is not eating them but STOMPING on them. Survival mode means taking them away from him but, cleaning up the mess can wait.
Oh how I love my littles, but on days like yesterday when I am so sick, I long for my kidless days when I can rest in bed.
Thankfully we all survived and daddy once again came to the rescue by coming home at noon.
Now today, I have recovered and survival mode is off. No long hours in front of the tv and no chips for breakfast......But, I do have one very messy house to attend to.

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