Sunday, 22 July 2012


I needed church today like a thirsty person needs water.  I was feeling so discouraged and tired and beaten down.

Matt had to leave again today for Texas; this time Fort Worth.  It is really wearing on all of us everytime he leaves.  It feels as though we live in time of when Matt is here and when Matt is gone.  I cannot wait for this travelling to be done.  He is now travelling more than 50% of his time and we are all feeling weary from it. 

So even though we didn't feel like going to church this morning we went and the Holy Spirit poured his living water over me and I feel refreshed.  I feel energy once again.  I feel like I have the strength to be the wife and mother that God has called me to be. 

Oh, thank you Lord for Your Mercy and Your Grace.

I am trying something new at church with Alyssa.  I am keeping her with me for the worship part of the service and then taking her to her class.  I feel like she needs to experience the whole experience of worshipping Jesus. She really enjoys it and asked today if it could become a regular thing.  After worship, I take her up to her class so she can be with her friends and learn about Jesus in Sunday School. 

Lucas is doing better too at going to his 2 year old class.  He was doing so well when he was in the nursery but when we moved him up to his 2 year old class at the beginning of summer he started crying like crazy when I left him with his teachers.  Today, he still cried but I could already hear that he settled as I was walking away from class.  So each time is getting better.  Once he is settled, his teachers say he does great.  He plays and has fun with the other kids. 

We had a busy weekend.  On Friday night, Matt and I had a date night.  Yeah for date nights.  And Yeah for our babysiter Emily who is awesome with the kids.  We went to Taste of Edmonton for the first time.  We have lived here 12 years and I have always wanted to go but finally we put in the effort and took the LRT downtown and it was well worth it.  We then went to Chapters; our favorite store and just took our time browsing the shelves.  It was really  nice and we had a great time.

Saturday I got my hair done.  As my appointment was just finishing Matt brought Lucas to me so he and Alyssa could continue on to the LRT station.  They were going early to Capital Ex and then after nap the plan was for Lucas and I to meet them there.  Unfortunately, plans changed and Matt had to call the Capital Ex trip short as it started pouring.  Alyssa and Matt had lots of fun though for the time that they were there.  The highlight for Alyssa was the log ride and the ferris wheel.  Anyway so we still have two wristbands left so we decided that Matt would come home on Friday night instead of Saturday and I would take Alyssa for the afternoon next Saturday to enjoy some more Capital Ex. 

Today, we just finished lunch after church, Alyssa is out playing and I am getting ready to put my little man down for a nap.  At 5:00 we will go to a Princess Party at our friend Laila's.  Alyssa is very excited to go. 

One week from today we leave for camping with Matt's family.  We are starting to get really excited, although I am not looking forward to the packing.  It will be so nice once we are there.  I can't wait.

Happy Sunday.


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