Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My Water Baby

Like the title of my post suggests....I have a water baby on my hands.  On the holiday Monday afternoon, while Lucas and Matt rested at home, I took my little girl to the outdoor pool and boy did we have fun. 

I'm sure that there will be many more trips this summer back to the outdoor pool.  I couldn't get Alyssa out of the water as she was having so much fun.  "Just one more slide mommy?......How about if I swim across and meet you on the other side?"

Pure Joy.....

My tired, tired, tired little girl with her popsicle....

She looks absolutely exhausted here, but two minutes later with only a few more bites of her popsicle she asked if she could throw it in the garbage so she could go back in the pool. 

Yes, I do have a water baby on my hands. 

As we got into the van and I sat still for a moment, the feeling of my childhood summer days came back to me.....complete happiness and exhaustion.  Growing up we were so blessed to have a swimming pool in our back yard.  My sister and I spent almost every waking minute of each summer in that pool.  I remember very clearly that feeling of pure joy yet pure physical tiredness at the end of each day and that is really what I felt today.   It amazes me how tired you can get from the sun and from swimming.  My point exactly, when tonight Alyssa didn't even want to eat dinner she just wanted to lay on the couch and watch tv.  She didn't ask to go outside once and play with her friends (which for Alyssa is amazing) and she was in bed by 7pm and I'm sure asleep by 7:01pm. 

Happy Summer!!!

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  1. Hahaha sounds like you guys had a splendid time :)
    Really, a swimming pool is one of the greatest blessings during summer... relieves us from the heat!!