Wednesday, 25 July 2012

New Bike

Alyssa rides her bike almost all day long in the summer.  Back and forth, up and down the street with her friends.  To say that she rode her bike into the ground would be an understatement.  We sure got our money out of her last bike.  Both tires were completely bald and the chain would only stay on for a few hours.

It was time to get Alyssa a new bike.  We went to Canadian Tire and got her properly fitted with a 16 inch bike but she didn't really like any that Canadian tire had.  So we went on to Toys R' Us and she found one she fell in love with. 

After I picked it up this morning, Lucas and I had to do some work on it.  She was determined that "a big girl bike had to have a kickstand" and of course hers didn't come with a kickstand.  So off to Canadian Tire we go again to get a kickstand.  I was pretty proud of myself for installing the kickstand, taking off the training wheels, lowering the handlebars and then raising the seat a little.  Lucas was right beside me the whole time helping with his "screwdriver".

While all of the bike working was happening, Alyssa was on a fieldtrip.  I have mentioned in the past about how much I love our greenshack workers at the park.  Today, Alyssa got to get on a school bus with them and go to a greenshack carnival where about 400 kids met to play games, have their face painted, go on bouncy castles etc.  She was so excited. 

Here she is lining up to get on the bus.

She had a blast and is now exhausted which is what summer is all about.  

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