Sunday, 8 July 2012

Fun at Whitemud Amusment Park on a Saturday Night

On Saturday evening, we left Lucas at the neighbors to play with his little buddy Javier, and took Alyssa to the amusement park for some big girl fun. 

I have great memories of when I was a little girl of my dad taking us go-carting whenever he could (and of uncle clint going up on the tires every time we went), and of going on the bumper boats with my Grandpa Wonnick so I think I was more excited than Alyssa to be back at an amusement park. 

We started off with the go-carts. 

I had Alyssa with me in my go-cart and when Matt passed us, all I could hear was "FASTER MOMMY, FASTER!!!" So we went faster and ended up beating Matt (well, I think he let us beat him for the joy of Alyssa but, we will pretend that it was my amazing driving skills that helped us win the race LOL.)

We let Alyssa then go on the kiddy rides....

And then she got to drive her own go-cart.  As Alyssa put it, "I did pretty good for my first time driving, only one crash."  LOL.

And then over to the bumper boats.  We didn't get nearly as wet as I remember getting as a kid.  But, we still had a blast. 

So that was our fun night out on a Saturday night (boy, have our ideas of a fun Saturday night changed over the years.)

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