Monday, 2 July 2012

Canada Day

Someone posted on facebook that "I am so grateful that my kids get to hear the sound of fireworks and not of gunfire."  I couldn't agree more. 

I am so grateful to live in this beautiful, peaceful country. 

So we fought the rain and went out to celebrate our country on Sunday. 

The kids getting their faces painted.....

After the kids got their faces painted we made the journey over to the pancake breakfast while it was POURING rain.  Here is a picture of my soggy kids.....

The line for the pancake breakfast was pretty long so here is us waiting in line....

Finally, us enjoying our pancakes...

On our way back to the car, (it was still raining pretty  hard) Alyssa spotted the giant slip n' slide.  She really wanted to do this last year but, we didn't let her as we didn't want her to get super wet.  Well,  this year she was already super wet so we let her give it a shot.  First daddy had to go, though.

And then Alyssa....

When they were finished, they were covered in bubbles so they had to get sprayed down with water to clean them off.  I was laughing hysterically at this point. 

Here are my soggy, good-sports....

(I'm still laughing at them on the slide and getting their bubbles sprayed off. )

Anyway, then we all piled into the car and went home where we all had warm showers to get the chill out. 

Later that evening, Matt and Alyssa went back to Broadmoor Park for the fireworks.  (I got to take Alyssa last year so this year it was Matt's turn.)

Speaking of last year, I was just looking back at some old photos and came across this one taken exactly one year ago today. 

Happy 145th Birthday, Canada.  We are so glad to be apart of your Country.  

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