Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Messy Hands

I have a confession to make. On the way upstairs in our house you can see a little boys handprint on the wall, and I am not planning on wiping it off anytime soon.

When I see that little handprint it reminds me that this time in our lives are short. One day in the future I will be wishing that I had little hands around to make a mess.

One day there won't be sand on the floor just after I have washed it. One day the bathroom mirror will stay clean for more than an hour. One day there won't be piles of laundry in the basement. One day there won't be littles running around bringing so much joy to the house.

So I keep that greasy handprint on the wall as a reminder not to get frusturated with the mess that my kids bring.

I would much rathet have my kids remember me as a mom who was involved with them and who did fun things with them. Rather than them remembering me as being a mom who was constantly cleaning and didn't have time for them.

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