Tuesday, 11 September 2012

First Bus Ride

Although I had a hard time letting Alyssa go to Kindergarten, I was really struggling with her taking the bus.  I just couldn't imagine letting my five year old on the bus all by herself.  But, I knew that it was something I needed to do and she needed it to. 

Alyssa was beside herself excited about taking the bus for the first time to school today.  Again, she was up before me, dressed, and eating breakfast when I came downstairs in the morning. 

She kept reminding me of the time all morning so that she wouldn't be late and miss her bus.

Here she is waiting like such a big girl for her bus to come.

Alyssa getting on bus route 232 at 8:35am in the morning.

As the bus left with my baby girl on it, Lucas was left crying as he wanted to go with his sister on the yellow bus and I was left with tears blurring my eyes as once again Alyssa grew up right in front of my eyes. 

So what does any crazy mother do.....she follows the bus.

I just had to make sure that she wasn't left not knowing what to do once she got off the bus.  But, my fears were rest assured when I saw the assistant teacher waiting for the kindergarten kids to get off the bus. 

The assistant teacher took them to their doors where they waited for the bell to ring.  Once I knew she was safely inside, I finally felt okay to leave her. 

She got off the bus at 12:18pm and the smile couldn't have been bigger on her face.  She was so proud and she looked so old. I knew that we had made the right choice in letting her take the bus.  

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