Thursday, 7 June 2012

To My Baby on his Second Birthday

Dear Lucas,

As tomorrow approaches, your 2nd birthday, I can't help but remember where we were two years ago. My water had just broken and Daddy and I were in the hospital waiting patiently, yet excitedly for your arrival. The doctor wouldn't let me go home because Alyssa's birth was so fast.......and it's a good thing we did stay because the next day when you came FAST. No waiting around for you. At 2:00pm I was only four centimeters. At 2:10pm, only ten minutes later, I was fully dialated and wanting to push but, they wouldn't let me. Dr. Chua arrived at 2:20pm and after only one push, you were born at 2:21pm. No question about it, you made a fast entry into the world.

Two years later, you are a laidback, sweet and joyful little boy. You have such a sweet spirit and are still my little cuddler. When Alyssa gets hurt, you are always right there to give her a hug and offer her your blankie. You are cautious around new things and it takes you a few minutes to warm up to new things, people and ideas. But, once you feel secure, watch out, you want to explore and do all the things Alyssa is doing.

You started out small at only 6lbs 8oz but quickly grew into a big boy with big ideas. At one year you weighed a whopping 26lbs and now at two years you are still on the higher precentiles at 33lbs. You are wearing size 3T and size 7 in shoes.

Lucas, you have brought us so much joy. I call you my joyful one. You are a very happy little boy. As long as you are well fed and well slept, you have the most happy, content personality. When you get mad, you get over it very quick. I usually just walk away from your tantrum and you come running aftet me looking for a hug. It makes for fairly easy parenting with you right now.

You are all boy. You are most interested in trains, cars and tractors right now. You usually have at least one car in your hand. I took you to the John Deere store the other day, you were so excited that you could barely contain it. You were almost shaking from excitement. "WHOA......WHOA.....WHOA...." You would put your sweet, liutle hands on those big wheels and bend over like you were checking out the tires. So cute.

Although you are all boy, you definately have a sweet, sensitive side to you.  I often, catch you tucking in your mickey mouse for the night with your blankie.  You rock mickey first and then lay him down and cover him up and then you give good night kisses. 

You are still an awesome sleeper with most nights sleeping through and then a long nap in the afternoon.  As long as you have your blankie and mickey mouse you go into your crib a happy boy.

Lucas, I can't express how much you have brought into our lives. God knew you would be the perfect little boy to complete our family. I love you more than words can say and I enjoy being around you each and everyday.

Happy 2nd birthday, buddy.

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